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Today, I would like to start sharing sacred songs from many traditions with you: Sanskrit mantras, Hebrew songs, chants from Taizé, ...

Music has always been an important part of my life but when I attended the first Satsang many years ago my heart and soul knew I had found something very precious. Singing Sanskrit mantras in the group and just being free to get up to dance and express whatever I felt inside was a revelation. And the love for it has grown and I discovered more and more songs from different traditions over the years. They are “soul food” for me.

These songs & sounds connect and uplift us. Sung in a group they create harmony in diversity and positive energy. A post dedicated to singing and sacred songs will be coming soon.

I start the series with a Buddhist mantra that found it's way to me just two days ago.


The meaning of the words is not that important. Rather than keeping your intellect busy trying to understand them, just close your eyes, sing along, enjoy and observe what is happening inside. If you like share your experience(s) and/or your favorite songs in the comments section.

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